Federico Martini – FX Reel 2016

Shot 001 – Beach
I’ve created this project to practice my flip fluid simulation skills. First of all, to achieve the continuous wave effect i connected the ocean displacement which guide the velocity of the flip tank . After the fluid and the whitewater simulation, I converted the fluid particles to a VDB mesh, which act as collider for the floating beach ball based on the FEM system. Also to achieve a more realistic result i created a wet map shader controlled by particles, finally the rocks are generated by a custom vopsop. The cloth simulation of the woman has been done in maya and then exported as an alembic file. Rendering in mantra, compositing in Nuke.
Shot 002 – Wall Crack
This shot it’s based on a video recorded by me, and tracked using PFtrack using a combination of user and auto trackers. The cracks are created by lines which push away the pieces of the voronoi fractured wall. Every piece it’s then used as emitter for the pyro and the particles simulation. The wall shader use the video’s image sequences to blend the geometry with the original footage. Rendering in mantra, compositing in Nuke.
Shot 003 – Voxel Ship
After watching the “Pixels” movie I choosed to recreate a voxel effect inside Houdini. The asset I created take the surface mesh as source and then create the voxel geometry, also it can take the attributes from a bgeo simulation to use them in the voxel effect to achieve particular effect. Like the explosion which it’s shaded using the heat attributes of the pyro simulation. Rendering in mantra, compositing in Nuke.
Shot 004 – Russian Tank
This shot it’s based on a footage found on internet. While the tracking has been done in PFtrack, the modeling, rigging and animation of the tank has been created inside Maya and exported as FBX. The pyro simulation has been done inside Houdini along with the shading and the rendering. Compositing in Nuke.

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