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Aug 17th, 2016Off The Press

GENO, produced by Lira Production Animation Studios was co-created by 15 artists, musicians and producers in both Georgia and Germany. This animated short took 3 years to develop and will have no dialog, other than that of an imagined Frogish language. Instead, GENO’s whimsical characters will be driven by original music in their lighthearted environment.

The production team are now using the crowdfunding platform, INDIEGOGO, to help raise the money necessary to the post-production and finishing of the Film to the attention of as many people as possible.

Here’s what the team had to say about their motivation behind this unique short:

“When we destroy something created by man, we call it vandalism. When we destroy something created by nature, we call it progress.” — Ed Begley, Jr.

This powerful phrase became the biggest motivation and the reason to create this film. In our world of technical development, we sometimes forget the meaning of nature and destroy it without realizing the harm we do to ourselves. Especially in the South Caucasus countries, where after so many wars and armed conflicts during the past 40 years, industrialization process is just going on and on. However, in this “era of great constructions” sometimes we forget what we destroy by building another huge house. Unfortunately, no one has thought about being nature friendly until now and we see the nature of a beautiful country like Georgia (not only) is little by little disappearing in this grey atmosphere.

This animation will show young generations the importance of natural environment and help to teach them to care about it. As for the adults, for some it might sound as a wakeup call to change themselves and others – the tool for their children’s education and to attitude transformation. We truly believe that our animation film “GENO” will help the audience to realize that every person is a part of the society, part of a country and part of the joint World, which we need to take care of.

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