Arvid Schneider VFX Lookdev | Lighting TD – Demoreel (Winter 2016)

Software: Maya, Katana
Renderer: Renderman, Arnold, Mental Ray

Captain America
* Lookdev on BlackPanther
* Lighting of Hero shots
* Light Beam for Spider man reveal
* Lighting and Lookdev of QuinJet

Fantastic Beasts:
* Lookdev and Lighting of Suitcase
* Lookdev and Lighting of Kitchen props

Spectre – Fight sequence
* LookDev of hero characters, Bond and Hinx
* Lighting to match exactly to plate.
* CG Head replacement of stunt doubles.

Spectre – Train Sequences
* Initial lookdev of train carriages

Spectre – Mouse sequence
* LookDev of CG mouse and shading of groom
* Lighting of CG mouse and props

Jungle Book
* Initial lookdev of environments
* Dry and wet look of “Peace rock”
* Shading of hero rocks and grounds

Audi – Personal Project – Maya and Arnold
* modeling of vehicle
* modelling sport kit add-on
* modeling environment
* layout
* shading of envrionment
* shading of vehicle, except carpaint
* HDR lighting and traditonal lighting

Meine allerschlimmste Freundin – Trixter – Katana and Renderman
* lookdev of dress, whiskey glass, sub-skin
* HDR matching and lighting
* additional lighting
* matching reference spheres for exact lighting conditions
* placing highlights
* shadow matching
* pre-comp for comp artist

TD – Maya and Arnold
*AOV Manager
– Easily enable/disable AOVs
– Do changes as layer overrides or default behaviour
* Attribute Control
– Streamlines Attribute spreadsheet
– Sets or Increments attributes on objects
– Traverses all dependants of selection
* Light Control
– Handy tool for lighting artists to place and control lights easily
– All important attributes of lights are exposed
* Viewport Region Render
– Designing of UI
– QT and standard Maya UI

Responsible for:
* combining Maya API with QT API
* displaying and switching AOVs for arnold
* store of rendered images
* comparing images with wipe UI
* animated region render
* menu functionality
* Material ID Manager
– concept and idea
– designing of UI in QT
– functionality of displaying and creation AOVs
– custom AOV creation functionality
– API creation of AOVs

Arvid Schneider VFX Lookdev | Lighting TD – Demoreel (Winter 2016)

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