Canary Surge in Houdini by: Ivan Pulido Suarez

Canary Surge, is a Ivan Pulido Suarez’s personal project where He developed new workflows and new setups for Whitewater (Splash, Spray and Foam) to improve the original flip simulation in houdini.

This is new Whitewater solver setup, now the all the splashes have full flip behavior (This is not like ballistic particles as by default, and is not emitting flip particles by velocity or similars) including surface tension and can be reduced to an a specific area to create more concentrated particles on the parts you need. Also the whitewater layers (splashes, spray and foam) are simulated now independent, saving lot of time during the process.

Fluid Simulation: 40 m. x 40 m
Fluid Particle Separation: 0.035
Flip Splash Particle Separation: 0.035

Main Flip Particles: 82.661.000 particles
Mesh: 16.167.000 Primitives
Spray: Max 2.180.000 points
Foam: 43.980.000 points
Splash: 133.841.000 points
Mist: 50.522.000 points

Canary Surge in Houdini by: Ivan Pulido Suarez

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