Making Of — The Light Within
Client: Riot Games- USA


Production Company: Troublemakers – París
Executive Producer: James Hagger
Production coordinator: Felipe Bernard
Production Assistant: Rebecca Oxland-Isles
Production Assistant: Emma Perrin


Scriptt: Oriol Puig / Brice Cox / Riot Games
Director: Oriol Puig
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
Head of production:Albert García Vila
Producer: Lucy García
Art Direction: Alex Martin & Oriol Puig
Storyboard: Allan Rabello
Lighting & Rendering: Alex Martín /Oriol Mayolas ( eye landscape sequence,
orb shatterand final fire orb ) /Javier Esteban ( light orb and fire orb )
CGI Supervisor: Oriol Mayolas
Shoot Drone operator & 3D scanning: Oriol Puig & Oriol Mayolas
3D scanning processing: Oriol Mayolas & Ariadna Ollé
Additional Art Direction and Research:Laura Ibáñez
Head of Animation: Hugo García
Animators:Hugo García & Ferran Casas
3D Assistant: Ariadna Ollé
Editing& Color Correction: Oriol Puig
Compositing: Oriol Puig
2D Retouch: Mikel Gomez
Effects: Deko (Ray effect) // Alex Martín (abstract sequence and particles ) // Yigit Acik ( destruction and fire effects) // Oriol Mayolas ( particles ) // Javier Esteban ( additional effects and particles )
Texture: Alex Martín // Oriol Mayolas // Alvaro Hucha // Juan Jose Palomo (BLR VFX)
Texture Photography: Oriol Mayolas
Modeling: Abner Marín // Oriol Mayolas // Alvaro Hucha // Ariadna Ollé // Luís Gomez Guzman // Oscar Gonzalez // Albert Pintor
Rigging: Minimo VFX // Maurizio Giglioli // Felix Balbas
Cloth Animation: Alex Martín // Hugo García // Joan Buhigas
CG Hair: Yoonjong Song (Lead Grooming & Dynamics) // Andrew Krivulya (Layout Grooming)

Making Of: Ariadna Ollé

Making Of — The Light Within

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