Working closely with De Thurah and the BBH team, The Mill’s VFX team led by Nathan Kane and Christian Nielsen worked to generate of host of explosive effects throughout the four vignettes in order to take the action packed story into a new dimension.

Each vignette was treated with meticulous detail in order to give the look and feel of separate game environments. The Mill’s CG team rigged and custom animated 45 character assets supplied by a host of game developers, before these were seamlessly integrated into a series of environments, which were created using a combination of live action footage and matte paintings, with the addition of CG smoke simulations, explosions and CG soldiers.

The film culminates in an ultimate battle of gaming characters, segueing into the brand’s tagline ‘Greatness Awaits’.

Lead 2D Artist Nathan Kane comments, “It was really great to collaborate with Martin de Thurah and BBH on such a special and ambitious project, from the moment we read the script we knew this had the potential to be an epic spot. Having worked with Martin on previous projects we knew he’d bring his own unique style to the job, everything that was shot had a real cinematic feel to it, we knew all of our VFX work had to be of a really high level to complement the film. The whole team here at the Mill really enjoyed the challenge, it’s not every day you get to work with exploding robotic dinosaurs, huge trolls pouring with lava and create an infinite battle scene with hundreds of the best characters in the PlayStation world.”




Agency: BBH
Producer: Adam Perloff
Creative Director: Ari Weiss
Creatives: Dean Woodhouse, Hugo Bierschenk
Production Company
Production Company: Epoch
Director: Martin De Thurah
Producer: Anura Idupuganti
Director of Photography: Kasper Tuxen
1st Assistant Director: John Lowe
Production Designer: Floyd Albee
Editing Company: RPS
Editor: Mikkel E G Nielsen
VFX & Design
VFX & Design: The Mill
Executive Producer: Sean Costelloe
Senior Producer: Dan Love
VFX Supervisor/Lead Compositor: Nathan Kane
VFX Supervisor/CG Supervisor: Christian Nielsen
Shoot Supervisors: Olivier Varteressian, Hitesh Patel
2D Artists: James Cudahy, Kyle Zemborain, Ting Jung-Hsu,Ben Kwok, John McIntosh, Andre Vidal, Anne Trotman, Keith Sullivan, Kyle Cody, Jasper Kidd
3D Artists: Olivier Varteressian, Jasper Kidd, Seon Crawford, Joshua Frankel, Adam Dewhirst, Justin Diamond, Tim Kim, Emily Grisworld, Aton Lerin, Ren Hsein-Hsu, Alex Allain, Mike Garcia, George Schermer, Jeff Lopez, Navdeep Singh, Ross Scroble,Todd Akita, Shawn Lipowski, Cole Clark, Yong Chan Kim
3D Assistant: Jung In Wang
Matte Painting: Henrik Holmberg, Cedric Mernard
Colour: The Mill
Executive Producer, Colour: Dee Allen
Colour Producer: Natalie Westerfield
Colour Coordinator: Evan Bauer
Colourist: Fergus McCall
Colour Assistants: Nat Seymour, Daniel Moisoff, Zack Wilpon
Mixer: Chris Afzal
Music: Woodwork
Arranged and Produced: Phil Kay
Performed by: Woodwork Music Choir and Manchester Camerata Orchestra

The Mill Behind the Scenes: Playstation ‘The King’

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