Take a look behind the scenes of Virgin Media’s ‘Delivering Awesome’. Created in collaboration with BBH and Director Sam Brown at Rogue, this action-packed spot depicts the inside of a fibre-optic wire as an ever-extending tunnel, showcasing the unparalleled entertainment waiting for viewers. To capture as much in-camera footage as possible, a 180 ft tunnel was built in studio which was then extended in CG and populated with photo-real CG people, objects and vehicles. Mill Head of Colour Seamus O’Kane worked to balance the intensity of the experience with an aesthetic of timeless elegance

VFX & Design
VFX & Design: The Mill
Producer: Tom Manton
Shoot Supervisor: Jonathan ‘Wes’ Westley, Adam Droy
Creative Director: Jonathan ‘Wes’ Westley
2D Lead Artist: Jonathan ‘Wes’ Westley
3D Lead Artist: Adam Droy
Head of Animation: Jorge Montiel
2D Artists: John Thornton, Milo Paterson, George Cressey, Grant Conner, Sole Martin. Joseph Tang
3D Artists: Luke Tickner, Sid Harrington-Odedra, James Hansell, Paul Harrison, Jessica Soderstrom, Kathryn Dougan, Riyad Hasan, Ravinder Sembi, Edward Hicks, Sergio Xisto, Tom Hales, Joshua Barlow, Dan Yargici, Tony Atherton, Florian Mounie, Finlay Crowther, Will Burdett, Daniel Kmet, Aziz Kocanaogullari, Kieran Ashley Russell, Perrine Renard, Jesus Parra
Motion Graphics: Nils Kloth
Art Department: German Casado, Charles Bigeast

Behind the Scenes: Virgin Media ‘Delivering Awesome’

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