Vitaly Bulgarov’s design work for “Ghost In The Shell”
“This slideshow is a quick run-through of the concept-design work I did for the “Ghost in the shell” film. My 2 main contributions to the film included designs of the Major’s cybernetic body and the Spider Tank, but I was also lucky to work on some other stuff like shelling sequence interiors, some weapons and medical props, security/tactical drones and few more things.
Big thanks to the director Rupert Sanders and production designer Jan Roelfs for the amazing opportunity. I had a pleasure to be on the project from the very beginning, working alongside with and getting inspired by Maciej Kuciara and Ash Thorp. Also want to give a shout-out to other fellow concept-artists and illustrators who contributed their awesome work to the film as well: Jan Urschel, Nivanh Chanthara, Adam Middleton, Christian Pearce, Jeremy Hanna, Andrew Baker, Leri Greer, William Bennet, Nick Keller, Dane Madgwick and many others (so sorry if I missed anyone!). And of course kudos and congrats to all VFX teams as well as practical prop/set creators at both WETA and MPC who made the final result such a visual feast! “

Vitaly Bulgarov’s design work for “Ghost In The Shell”

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