Rupert Sanders

Paramount Pictures

Production VFX Supervisors
Guillaume Rocheron, John Dykstra

Creative Director
Ryan Jefferson Hays

VFX Supervisors
Greg McKneally, Marcus Dryden

VFX Producer
Russell Forde

VFX Production Coordinators
Stefano Salvini, Goutham Hampankatta

MPC Design Creative Director
Ryan Jefferson Hays

VFX Team
Steve Oakley, Pedrom Dadgostar, Hendrik Freuer, Mike Little, Ross McCabe, Thomas Carrick, Anthony Bloor, Flavia Minnone, Mattias Lullini, Michael Diprose, Marcel Ruegenberg, Florence Ciuccoli, Jacob T. Oommen, Elangovan Ganeshan, Earnest Victor, Alexander Kulikov, Alex Snookes, Alessandro Granella, Alessandro Granella, Sugumar S, Andreas Feix, Pratyush Paruchuri, Giles Hicks, Mohanakrishnan C, Denis Krez, Edward Taylor

Design Team
James Brocklebank, Kerim Camdzic, Andrea Braga, Matthew Campbell, Florian Thamer, David Bauer, Michael Drayton, Gordon Spurs

Music & Sound Design

MPC Design – Ghost In The Shell Making-of

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