Razer Death Adder Elite

In this fully CG commercial, we submerge ourselves in the experience of a signature sniper movement, featuring the award-winning eSports Gaming mouse, Razer DeathAdder Elite.

Unlike previous commercials, we made this commercial more personal by featuring a human hand as it increases viewer’s relatability to the Razer DAE. We see the mouse as the weapon of a gamer, a sniper rifle to a soldier – one shot, one kill.

We delve into the inner workings of the mouse, where the three main features of Razer DAE – ergonomics, durability and precision are represented with a simple swipe of the hand. This movement is familiar to any well-practiced gamer. The accuracy of the mouse demonstrated as the hand guides it to the intended spot, with military precision; the clicking of the mouse that mimics the pulling of a trigger, and smoke to accompany the imagery of firing a gun. Every aspect of this video was carefully crafted to showcase the Razer DeathAdder Elite in an attractive and practical manner to connect with pro-gamers.

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