The Avengers – Main on End Titles by Steve Viola

After the success of Captain America, Marvel Studios came back to us to pitch on the titles of their largest film yet: The Avengers. We pitched several concepts, and the fun part was the Joss loved all of them so much that, we actually had an entire meeting post-pitch to figure out which one to go with :-)
We settled on this “Battle Scars” concept which I developed first as a fly-through of the Shield Heli-Carrier, but further developed into an examination of what our heroes went through. Chris Sanchez killed it in designing the actual boards for the concept, and Mike Sausa also helped in producing the pitch and final frames. The sequence takes us through the Shield Heli-Carrier in a macro CGI sequence, as we explore the aftermath & toll the battle took on the heroes, and their suits/armor/symbols/etc. Even the super heroes came close to total defeat in the final moments of battle.
This piece was beyond ambitious with less than three months to produce a 2 minute photoreal sequence of macro CGI in stereoscopic, and have it seamlessly connect with an epilogue scene produced simultaneously by Digital Domain.
Director – Joss Whedon
Executive Producer / Head of Post & VFX – Victoria Alonso
Producer / President, Marvel Studios – Kevin Feige
Production Company:
Creative Director & VFX Supervisor – Steve Viola
Producer – Dan Masciarelli
Concept Designer – Chris Sanchez
Lead Designers – Mike Sausa, Bernard Crosland
3D/CG Artists – Jamie Sawyer, Omid Ensafi, Ariel Loza, Pouyan Navid
Lead Lighter – Marko Mandaric
Lead Compositors – Brian Delmonico, Sam Jorgenson, Ivy Depies, Eva Snyder
Stereoscopic Compositing Supervisor – Troy Moore
Concept, Editorial & Title Design – Steve Viola

The Avengers – Main on End Titles

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