Volskaya Industries Promo_Zarya ver

My name is Jisung Moon, 3D Artist in DESIGN ART TEAM of GIANTSTEP.
This is a fanmade motiongraphic work about ‘Overwatch’, a game of Blizzard Entertainment.
I have enjoyed many games of Blizzard as well as Overwatch. I always wanted to make fanmade motiongraphic for Blizzard, and finally I could complete this with support and feedback of co-workers in Giantstep.
Main subject matters are the character ‘Zarya’ in Overwatch(my main pick in the game), and mechanical details of ‘Particle Cannon'(Zarya’s weapon). To get completeness, I made this as a promotion video of Volskaya Industries that Zarya belongs to.
I extracted in-game modeling of Zarya and particle cannon and remodeled them.
I studied texture compatibility between Substance Painter and Octane Render.

For more information and breakdown please visit –
Behance – behance.net/gallery/58687555/Volskaya-Industries-Promo-Zarya-ver
Making of

Cinema 4d, Substance Painter, UV Layout, Octane Render, After Effects

About The Author
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