Creative Director / Heebok Lee
Producer / Soyoung Kim
Editor / Kina Choi

Korean Crew

Live Action Director / Kimsang

Production Manager / Byungryul Lee

Line Producer / Seungwon Choi

Assistant Line Producers / Soonshin Lee, Sanghyeok Kim, Kyuseong Lee, Youshin Lee

Art Directers / Soyoung Kim, Sunha Kim

Director of Photographer / Dongeun Kim
First Assistant / Hyunwoo Choi

Second Assistant / Jeyoon Lee

Third Assistant / Taehwan Kim

Gaffer / Yeonho Kim

First Assistant / Junghyuk Kong
Second Assistant / Jungmin Jang
Third Assistant / Banseog Yeom
Fourth Assistant / Changkyun Park

Grip Team /
 Keunjong Kim, Seangwoo Yuk, Ilsoo Park(Techno Team)
Mingyu Jeong, Seokhyun Jung(Scorpio Head Team)

Costume Designers / Misun Yum, Suhdo Lee
Costume Technical Artists / Sukyoung Choi, Jihyun Park

Actor / Soohyun Kim

Soohyun Kim’s Manager / Taehyun Ryu(KEYEAST)
Soohyun Kim’s Wardrobe / Sangkyung Jo

Soohyun Kim’s Makeup Artist / Seolhee Yoon
Soohyun Kim’s Hair Stylist / Heesook Kim

Dancer / Suhina Kristina

Dancer’s Managers / Aaron Hwang, Jerry Park, John Smith, Byungsik Yang(Caramel Pictures Agency) 

Dancer’s Makeup & Hair Stylist / Seoyoung Yoon, Jinsuk Kwan

Special Makeup / Daesung Pee, Hawoon Seol, Hyeongjun Jo, Yuseul Jeong, Jeawon Jeong(DOT)

Making & Photographer / Gunu Kim

Set Location / Gonggan Studio

‘REAL(2017)’ Title Sequence

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