4th Creative Party is a leading VFX studio in Asia, producing not only VFX of feature films but themed entertainment contents and animation.
Since 1996, They have produced over 170 feature films’ VFX across the world, having ‘Okja’, ‘Snow Piercer’, ‘Stocker’, ‘A Bigger Slpash’, ‘The Handmaiden’, ‘Oldboy’, ‘The Tiger’, ‘Assassination’ as representatives.
4th Creative Party is renowned as visual creative partner of director Chan-wook Park and Joon-ho Bong, and They are also establishing global networks with various directors from North America, Europe and Asia.
On 6th of January, They’re honored to be participated in Oscars VFX ‘Bake-off’ with ‘Okja’ which has been selected as top 10 contenders of VFX category for the 90th Academy Awards.
This is outstanding achievement since it was the first-ever Oscars ‘Bake-off’ in which Korean VFX studio took part.

4th Creative Party, running for the VFX Oscars with ‘Okja’

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