Edifice is an experimental short film inspired by personal beliefs of who we are, where we come from, and where we are heading; it’s a journey from stardust to singularity. This purely cinematic film is intended to stimulate your mind and senses, while provoking further thought about our passage and presence in this world. To optimize your experience of the film, Edifice is best viewed on a full screen, with no surrounding artificial light intrusion, and very ample sound.


An ALT-C Production


Film by – Ash Thorp
Director of Photography – Anthony Scott Burns
Score by – Ben Lukas Boysen
Starring – Christine Adams
Producer – Monica Thorp
Houdini Artist – Serjan Burlak
Set Construction – Brett Harris
Additional Photography – The Joelsons

Additional Thanks to:
Christoffer Bjerre
Xiaolin Zeng
Cornelius Dammrich
Stacy Burns
Raoul Marks
Rohan Dalvi
David Vardanyan
Tim Tadder
Shawn McKinney
Dahlia Weidmann
Jason Encabo

Proud Sponsors:
Render Blaze
Boris Effects
South Coast Glass Inc.

EDIFICE by Ash Thorp

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