Merceds Benz S Class by Mikhail Sedov

Mercedes-Benz launched its new-look S-Class with an innovative event that fully showcased the reinvented vehicle. The launch also had to immerse guests in the brand’s carefully crafted S-Class world with a unique experience from venue. Mercedes Benz opted for Victoria Harbour as the ideal setting for the Hong Kong launch of its four new S-class models. The highlight of the evening was the unveiling, which combined one of the world’s top 100 female DJs, and the immersive video show with custom interactive dance performance and the China Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Production: Subframe
Concept / Motion Artists: Mikhail Sedov, Vasiliy Filileev, Kirill Maksimchuck, Fedor Makoe
Render: Mikhail Sedov, Vasiliy Filileev, Kirill Maksimchuck
CG Superviser: Vasiliy Filileev
Modeling: Fedor Makoe
Compositing: Mikhail Sedov

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Merceds Benz S Class

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