Hocus Pocus Studio – ShowReel 2019

Hocus Pocus is a Lyon based animation studio specialized in creation of CGI and visual effects for television, cinema and video game industry.

Game Of War – Colossus Trailer
Rig The Surge – Game Trailer – Capsule Studio
Hublot BigBang Ferrari – Commercial
Civil War – Internal Project
MysterySkulls Magic – Music Video
Rig Space Channel – Tv Ident – Tendril
Scratch Massive Fantom X – Music Video
Rig Gutterdämmerung – LiveShow – Premiere Heure
Dryad – Short Film
Living Universe – Documentary
BeIN – Tv Ident
Rig Fiba WorldCUp – TV Ident- Nebula
Rig RizzoGallo – Commercial -TaxFree
Stratum – Tv Show
Rig Lazer Team – Movie – MoonTower
Puma Fragrances- Commercials
Orano – Commercials
Le Cinquième Cavalier – Web Serie
Rig – Numero 5 – Blow Studio
Rig- SodaStream – Commercials – SnowBallVFX
Rig- CCSL – Tendril

Music : Rival Sons – Electric Man

Hocus Pocus Studio – ShowReel 2019

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