Natakhtari – Together we win

Client: Natakhtari
Agency: Leavingstone
Director: Nanno Jiskoot
VFX: Halfpace Studio

It was a real pleasure working on this project with the superb director Nanno Jiskoot and such an amazing team at Leavingstone. Together we managed to craft this piece and give it a final look.

We were responsible for all the VFX for the film. It was shot on a black screen and everything was built in CGI except the characters and ground that they are running on. We hope you enjoy it 🙂

Studio Credits:
VFX Supervisor / Roto / Compositing – Levan Lapachi
VFX / Roto / Compositing – David Areshidze
FumeFX Artists – Beso Mzhavanadze Lasha Zoidze
Roto Team – Temo Rukhaia Marika Tsabadze Vova Vardidze Davit Sakhvadze Vakhtang

I want to thank my team for such a spectacular job !

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