Hello friends,

Here is an next bit, this time short architectural film.

This animation was made in free time of mine, and i tried once again to bring something different to the subject of architectural animation.
I see these very clean, neat, and beautiful videos and images, but to me it is sometimes missing something extraordinary and not typical to architectural field. This is why i tried to bring something extra into the nicely designed space, something that also viewer out of architectural field would appreciate and be able to bond with.
This is how the idea of ducks came to life. When you put 1-2 ducks in the pool, nothing special will happen, but when you expect 1-2 of them and all of the sudden 250 will “jump at you” your focus will be back on the story. This is what i tried to achieve through-out whole animation, to present something typical and then interrupt it with unexpected twist.

About The Author
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