Eighty East Tenth Street

Moso Studio
New York, United States

Client: Nava & BHS
Architect: Nava Architects

Creative Agency: Moso Studio
CGI&Film: Moso Studio
DOP: Moso Studio
Animation Design & VFX: Moso Studio
Composite&Post Production: Moso Studio
Editing & Sound Design: Moso Studio

Moso Studio Team: Martin Solarte (director), Francesca Bergamini, Andres Bonilla, Raymond Namin, Luis Rojas, Noel Vargas, Oscar Solarte
Music: “Lifting Up The Village”, by Simone Cavina

“Eighty East Tenth” was created for one of our longtime clients, the architectural and development office, NAVA, in partnership with Brown Harris Stevens (BHS), a sales and marketing company, to showcase a twelve-unit boutique luxury condominium located at the intersection of East and West Village, NYC. The scope of the animation was to portray NAVA’s aesthetic vision in an unconventional way.
Inspired by the very intricate pattern layout designed by the architects for the exterior metal cladding, we found our actor: a simple golden sphere.
“Eighty East Tenth” narrates the journey of the golden metal sphere, born from the Cube– an iconic outdoor sculpture in the center of Astor Place-, NYC- to the place she belongs, Eighty East Tenth Street.
Through visual storytelling, we tried to create something unexpected and exciting: simultaneously documenting Astor Place neighborhood and at the same time providing insight into the prospective development of the architectural project.

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