Mahmoud Youssef Rigging Reel

i`m a Maya Rigger

i`m concentrating on automating everything in the process
so i started with creating an auto-Rig for the facial called FemtoRig
created in python

briefly its a joint base facial rigging script. it has skinning tools to automate the skinning process and it`s controllers are responding to the Blendshape also so you can have a seamless integrations between Blendshape rigging and joint rigging

What the script do ? creates tow types of modules
Ceneric Modules and Generic modules

The Centric module shares a micro controller in it and it has to be for both sides it`s ideal for (Moth , Nose ….ect).

The Generic Module don`t share any micro controllers between the right and lift side and it can be single side it`s ideal for (eye brows , cheeks ..ect).

all the modules can have sub module (Upper and lower ) to use it for eye lid or the upper and lower moth lib.

Each module has 3 kind of controllers.
A) Main controller which move the whole Module ,
B) Macro controller that creates the main shapes and expressions ,
C) Micro controller which gives you high level of control on your face and it`s seamless integration with blend shape without any double transformation and the controller will always be flowing your vertx
the macro controllers control the micro ones with weights the scripts do the initial weights with a vector-math which i have rote to get the accurate wights for each micro controllers then it pule this vale back on each micro controller to let you adjust what you need

2.The micro controllers is seamlessly moves with the model deformation even if its blend shapes without any active blend shapes

3.Smart skinning tools makes the skinning process very easy and fast you will find the skin the joint based rig so easy

4.Saving and loading skinning weights for multiple objects at once

5.Transferring skinning between objects or even just portion of an object to another portion for another object

6. stretch and squash creator : it will automatically create a stretch$squash for any selection and it will automaticly connected to your rig

7. transfer shapes that can easily transfer any kind of blend shapes you made on your model to any other models and connect them back to the original driver

and i have created tools but without a ui that makes :

1-feathers for the beards and automatically creates it`s controllers

2-Treads for the tanks

a-which automatically create a curve based on the existing tread models.

b-create base connection for the u Vale that will drive the treads using Maya nodes to make it faster in the calculations an create main controller for the curve with attributes to turning on and off and offset

c-creates the treads after automatically calculating how many trade should be duplicated based on the curve length and the trade size and link them with main controller in a way that avoid flipping

d-create an auto wheel just by selecting the wheel it will get the radius and create the joint and skin it and create the expression and link them with main controller in a way that avoid flipping

3-create a dynamic FK chain based on any selection
wither select models so the script will create models a joint on each objects and skin them and create your chain or you have the curve and it will create the joints on it

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