Vegetation using Houdini bullet by Andrea Sbabo

Something I wanted to try for a long time in Houdini. Probably plants are one of the most fascinating things to me in CG.

The initial idea was to build something that was fast and stable but at the same time that doesn’t fake collisions between leaves and colliders.
The stems/branches are converted by the “tool” in spheres and constraints. There are simulated all together with breaking and bending behaviours. Using the data from this simulation, leaves are attached to the branches and simulated. They tend to follow them but they can break aswell.
Of course there is a lot of room for improvements, but it’s almost realtime for one plant, so I’m pretty happy.

I would have loved to try with a lot more plants but my old pc didn’t liked it. The problem is not simulating the plants but displaying/rendering all the geometry together. Before or later I’ll discover some tricks 😀
Also if you have read until here, thanks for watching! If you have any ideas or critiques, they are more than welcome

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Vegetation using Houdini bullet

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