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“Relicts” is an animated horror short movie, a dark story set in a remote village lost somewhere deep in primeval winter woods. It follows a day of a young woman that by a mere accident discovers that her settlement has gone completely abandoned… that she herself with her husband and unborn baby inside her belly seem to be the last living beings in this desolated place. Alas, it proves to be quite the opposite as she faces the gruesome truth – that nothing around her is really what it seems. In an instant, her quiet life turns into a nightmare with no chance to escape. Atmosphere of bone-chilling isolation gets plagued by the occult vibe and a scent of long forgotten mysteries. ​Since the story deals with some dark fantasies brought down to reality, realistic visual style was chosen for the animation, so, technically being an animated movie, it leans more towards film and photography. Software: Autodesk Maya, #Yeti, #ArnoldRender, #NUKE
Music by “Antichrisis” – http://antichrisis.net/

CGI Animated short film Relicts: VFX Breakdown

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