In its campaign to promote its newest line of helmets, Honda decided to make a 100% 3D film, developed by Lightfarm at the invitation of Y&R. Under the motto “Protect Your Freedom”, the purpose of the video was to demonstrate all Honda Technology and safety contained in their helmets. To produce the video, our team used Cinema 4D, Octane, Houdini, Redshift and Zbrush.





Agency: Y&R
Directed: Rafael Vallaperde
Concept Art: Giselle Almeida and Dieg Barcellos
Cinematography: Diego Maricato
CGI: Rafael Moco, Thiago de Sul, Marcelo Cabral, Kawe de Sá, Viviane Rodrigues and Alvaro Moreira
Editing, Post-production and Finishing: Thiago Paladino
Production assistant: Stefani Pimenta
VP of creation: Rafael Pitanguy
Creative Directors: Kleyton Mourão, Beto Rogoski
Copywriter: Flávio Cherem
Art Director: Denon Oliveira
Attendance: Léo Balbi, Diego Passos, Danielle Shimba, Talitha Gomes, Joana Credidio and Giovana Federighi
Planning: Paulo Vita, Felipe Azambuja and Laryssa Queiroz
Media: Glaucia Montanha, Thiago Martinez, Priscila Pimenta, Caroline Straub and Guilherme Almeida
RTV: Nicole Godoy, Camila Naito, Monica Beretta and Stephanie Wang
Sound Mixer: Antfood

Honda Capacetes: Formação

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