Simulating Alice

Creator biography:
Emmanuel was born and raised in Ghana, his family migrated to Germany, where he resided for 8 years, until finally settling in New York. He has always had a passion for creating new projects and ideas with goals of some day becoming a part of a feature film. He saw an opportunity to pursue this dream through CG/Motion Design. He has built a team of artist with similar goals who are willing to work towards inspiring and promoting new ideas.

Creative/Technical info:
Simulating Alice is a narrative film created based on the quote “ideas are like parasites”, it explores ideas through the mental and social dimensions of perception and reality.

It is told under the premise of alienation, degrees of freedom, ontological design, and spiritual states in the age of digital singularity. It depicts an amalgamation of our tools of access and connection becoming an extension of ourselves.

The goal of the film is to show the narrow realities that may go unnoticed. By presenting preconceived notions about various states of existence we encourage the audience to begin asking the right questions.

This film was inspired by the rift between human and machines, and how spiritually plays a role as a crucible in grounding our digital extensions.

The approach was to construct a CG film that would make it easier to suspend disbelief. There’s also a barrier in both the theme and medium of the film that blatantly conveys a separation from nature, while addressing sterile modes of communication in the digital age.

Tools: Houdini, After Effects, Photoshop, C4D, Chaotica, Mandelbulb 3D.

Tech info:
Rendered @ 1080p, upscaled to 4K
Rendered with Octane on 4xGTX 1080s & 3×780 TIs @ 1 – 20 mins per frame

Directed by Emmanuel Mozu
Producer: Stella Okoampah
Score: M83 (Oblivion OST)
Sound Designer: Tom Elvira
3D Assets: Ademius, Alvis, & Dmitry
Resources: USCC Arts, 3DSky, & Turbosquid

About The Author
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