Lucas Nunes – VFX Animation Reel 2019

All keyframe animation for Godzilla King of the Monsters movie

Reel breakdown, responsible for:

1- Rodan and jets
2- Rodan and jets
3- Both creatures and some camera work
4- Rodan and some camera work
5- Ghidorah
6- Rodan and jets
7- Greed
8- Only Greed (four arms creature) and Darla (purple jacket) digi double
9- All creatures – Greed (SCR) was blocked first by another animator
10- Both creatures
11 – Ghidorah
12- Rodan
13 to End- Ghidorah’s neck and Godzilla

Music – hidden citizens fur elise

Lucas Nunes – VFX Animation Reel 2019

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