DRAGON NEVER DIE : A Bruce Lee Tribute Short Film

”Dragon Never Die” is a Bruce Lee tribute short film and also a passion project I worked in my spare time for the last two and half months. This short was inspired by legendary martial artist Bruce Lee’s famous philosophy of water. The main concept of the short is to visualize the quote and present it with a stylize modern appearance. The Environment of the film is based on 70s-80s Hong Kong’s back alley.
To express the struggles and the depression in my deeper mind as well as the emotion of never give up to looking for a way out. Therefore, the whole film will be more into dark tones, heavy and slow pace. Hong-Kong’s Iconic neon signboards was used as main light source to create a contrast feeling of ”There’s always a light in the darkness”. As well as the smooth, natural motion of droplet and water. It bring an embellishment of life to the alley which full fill with lifeless objects. Start from quiet to agitated. Classical music definitely fit well to the short film. Collocate with the serious and compact SFX to express the balance between soft and strong. It’s also corresponding to the ”Yin & Yang” philosophy which always emphasized by Bruce Lee.

About The Author
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