Mayans Season 2 – Serpent by Ryan Hunnewell

President, Marketing & Promotions, Multi-Platform Marketing – Stephanie Gibbons
SVP, Motion & Digital Design – Steve Viola
VP, Motion Design – Amie Nguyen
VP, Production, Motion Design – Dara Barton
Created By
Director – Steve Viola
Executive Producer – Dara Barton
Creative Directors – Amie Nguyen, Synderela Peng
Producer – Rick Hassen
CG Supervisors – Jean Chiu, Michael Viscione
Sr. Technical Director – Michael Viscione
Sr. Designer / Lead Lighter – Jean Chiu
Modeling / Rigging / Animation – Jamie Sawyer
CG Artists – Jean Chiu, Michael Viscione, Sa Kim, Jamie Sawyer, Ryan Hunnewell, Brandon Lester, Yas Koyama
FX Artists – Jean Chiu, Michael Viscione, Brandon Lester
Pre-Visualization Lead – Ryan Hunnewell
Pipeline Tools – Michael Viscione, Brandon Lester
Compositing – Tanner Merrill, Jean Chiu, Michael Viscione, Sa Kim, Ryan Hunnewell
Concept Design – Jean Chiu, Jamie Sawyer, Ryan Hunnewell, Jerome Cheng
Illustration – Brien White
Color – Steve Viola
Editorial – Dan Masciarelli
Typography – Synderela Peng, Jane Ro, Brien White
Motion Design – Jose Medina
Music By
ECHOLAB (Remix of “Fuga” by MOLOTOV)
Sound Design & Mix By

Mayans Season 2 – Serpent

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