CG Record Editor’s Pick Top 10 #Houdini #1 with all the best #Animation, #MotionGraphics, #VFX, RnD using Houdini published on Community

1 Houdini 18 Adaptive FLIP solver by Igor Zanic

2 FXTD Demo Reel (WIP) by Franco Pizzani

3 Houdini – River by Andrea Sbabo

4 Infinite Blꝏms by Vladyslav Lavrenov

5 Incognito Card Adjarabet by Giorgi Chkhaidze

6 Magical sky explosion by Hector Gallego

7 Houdini Beach by Javen

8 Jungle plants Collision by B Pierre

9 Fern Grow Animation R&D by Mojyaba Oriuee

10 Ice Spikes by Aren Voorhees

Top 10 Houdini #1

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