This personal project team. Full CG Rhino and Environment. Concept project for protect world animals.

RHINO : Model, Texture, Lookdev, Fur
SEKSON KEAWPITOON, TOTODOST | artstation.com/totodost

RHINO & INSECT : Rigging, Animation, Technical Character
CHANON ADISAKKITTI, POLYLAKE | artstation.com/polylake

INSECT & ENVIRONMENT : Model, Texture, Lookdev
Layout, Dressing, Effect & Simulate, Lighting, Composite, Grading, Editing, Sound Mix
PICHAYA POPANYASAK, IDIOTIC | artstation.com/idiotic

Special Thank
Render Farm: the-post-bkk.com/
Advice: Worrachat Kamfun, Saiyawong Lookkaew

Music Thank
Music: Cinematic Documentary – AShamaluevMusic.
Music Link: youtu.be/n1g2B2YzDDI

Music: Anwar Amr – Epic Cinematic Background (Copyright Free Music)
Music Link: youtu.be/V44KnWUUr1Y

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