Frozen 2 lighting Compositing reel by Sungjoon Bae – CG artist focused on look dev, lighting & compositing with experience on feature animated film

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I’m a lighting and look development artist. I worked on Disney’s feature animated film “Ralph Breaks the Internet” and “Moana” Frozen 2″ lighting compositing . Prior to Disney, I participated in many car animation while working at General Motors Korea for about 7 years as a generalist. I believe CG world should be even more realistic than real world; which is what I strive toward. I enjoy creating CG spaces and objects then adding temperature to images to bring out emotions. CG images should be having emotion from the lighting and air.
You can check some Reel still images and still rendering images of Sungjoon Bae on his gallery!

Frozen 2 lighting compositing reel by Sungjoon Bae

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