Houdini Environment by Yuta Kigawa. All elements were created in Houdini and SpeedTree. (sky is HDRI). Rendered in Arnold.

Houdini Environment

Here is my latest personal project. I worked on this project because I wanted to create a beach environment like Scarif in Star Wars.
All elements except for the plants were created in Houdini.
First, I wanted to create realistic terrain quickly, so I created the terrain based on the DEM data.
DEM data I got was very rough, so I used HeightField to add a lot of detail, then scattered the plants(grass, bush, palm tree, and other trees) I created with SpeedTree.
And I used a custom HDA to optimize instances. (frustum culling, and occlusion culling)


Houdini Environment – Island by Yuta Kigawa

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