VFX Legion Reel-A Road-Tested Fully Remote Co-All VFX created by home-based artist

VFX Legion’s Reel showcases an unprecedent scope and diversity of VFX, created entirely by work-from-home remote-savvy artists. Launched in 2013, it introduced a groundbreaking remote business remote model almost decade before COVID-19 made social distancing essential.

Over 200 remote-savvy artists, culled over years from a vast global pool of talent, was in place long before the pandemic, bring a mastery of VFX Legion’sremote technology, workflow and protocols that has optimized efficiency and creativity for dozens of films and hundreds of TV episodes over the years.

While the industry scrambled to set up in-house staff to work from home in response to a crisis, with a scaleable collective ofremote-savvy talent and remote protocols and workflows refined over years, VFX Legion didn’t need to change a thing.

Take a look at some of it work:
Since its launch, every episodic series that’s discovered VFX Legion has returned – season after season through series finales – inncluding ‘How to Get Away with Murder,’ ‘Madam Secretary,’ ‘Scandal,’ ‘Suits,’ ‘Eye Candy,’ ‘Revolution,’ ‘The Catch,’ and ‘Gone.’ Feature film credits include Hardcore Henry,’ ‘The Gift,’ ’12 Strong,’ ‘Ithaca,’ ‘The Circle,’ ‘Please Stand By,’ ‘Jem and the Holograms,’ ‘Superfly,’ ‘Sinister 2,’ and ‘Ma,’ with some production companies still continuing to tap its services for new productions.

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